In his recent Senate race, Moorlach won 57% of the vote in the overlapping 2nd Supervisor District.

Senator John Moorlach has announced that he is running for the soon to be open Orange County Board of Supervisors District 2, currently held by Congresswoman-elect Michelle Steel.

“These are turbulent times, and Orange County must take steps to prepare for what could be a very difficult financial picture in 2021,” said Senator Moorlach. “I’ve helped our County maneuver to withstand several past financial storms, and I’m looking forward to joining the Board of Supervisors to help protect our county and promote a high quality of life for Orange County families.”

In the November Senate election, Moorlach won 57% of the votes coming from the overlapping 2nd Supervisor District, despite the $3 million of negative attack ads against him.

“This is a very conservative and pro-Moorlach seat,” said Moorlach Finance Director Maribel Marroquin. “Senator Moorlach enters this race as the strong front-runner with tremendous momentum.”

Moorlach represented the 2nd District for 8 years and prior to that served as the Orange County Treasurer-Tax Collector for 12 years. In local circles, Moorlach is widely known as a financial expert who helped pull the County out of bankruptcy over 25 years ago, and then spearheaded a series of adept moves to help the county avoid a fiscal disaster during the great recession.

Moorlach has served the past 6 years in Sacramento as the legislature’s only member who was trained as a CPA. Targeted by nearly $3 million of negative attacks by big government public employee unions, Moorlach came up just short of winning an additional term in the Senate.

The special election for Orange County’s 2nd Supervisor District is expected to be held in the spring of 2021. The special will not proceed to a runoff. Instead the highest vote-getter in the initial ballot is awarded the seat.